Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

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Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

The experienced Oculus window clean team have been using Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning system for a number of years to achieve stunning results for establishments in Merseyside and around the Wirral. We’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning which will help you understand why this method for cleaning windows is superior to our competitors.

1. What is a Water Feeder Pole (WFP)?

As the name suggests, Water Feeder Pole is literally a pole which feeds water. It takes the water from the ground level and delivers it up to the window.
As material science has improved, the length of the poles and the power of the pumps has increased allowing much higher reach than previously.

Not having to use ladders reduces the incidence of falls, and the water used does not half additives which then need to be scrubbed off – with multiple ladder trips.

2. Is Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning Safe

The Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning is safer than the ladder method on a number of fronts. Firstly it doesn’t use chemicals which could damage fittings and leave streaky windows, and secondly, there are fewer risks involved than climbing a ladder!

Depending on the height of window being cleaned, the poles are made out of different materials. The higher the window the stronger the material.

3. Does Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning save money?

Climbing up and down windows is dead time, there no cleaning being done but as a customer, this needs to be taken into account when charging for the job as there are a finite number of windows which can be cleaned in a day. As there are no ladders to climb up and down, the dead time between cleans is considerably shorter. This reduces the cost of the window cleaning and also the amount of time the team have to spend at your site.

Climbing ladders also come with the associated risk of falling. This increases costs, usually in the form of additional insurance premiums being paid.

4. Is Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning eco-friendly?

Conventional ladder/bucket cleaning tends to use detergents and other chemicals to clean the windows. Water fed pole window cleaning does not, instead it uses natural compounds.

In this respect then water fed pole window cleaning is more eco-friendly than the alternative as there are no detergents or harmful chemicals to wash off into the environment.

5. Does Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning Use Detergent?

No, Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning is detergent free. Instead of using chemicals the system uses tap water which is specially filtered. The filtered water is then used to clean the muck and dirt from the windows. Other than the environmental advantage of not using chemicals, the added bonus is there’s no chemical residue left on the windows after being washed when the water dries off.

6. Will my windows still look dirty after the first Water Fed Pole Window Clean?

After a number of washes, the windows will shine naturally. Sometimes it can take a few washes with the filtered water to remove the built-up chemical residue. We can’t always guarantee a perfect finish on the first clean, but after a number of washes, the chemicals are normally removed.

7. Why are my windows wet after Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning?

As the water is highly filtered and contains no added chemicals, letting the window dry naturally means no residue is deposited on the window. Rubbing with a cloth is at best likely to make no difference and at worst create smudges.

8. Why is using Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning better than using a ladder?

In some locations using a ladder may be the best option, but with ladders posing a risk of falling, over the years Health and Safety have discouraged where practicable this practice.

With this, insurance premiums are rising with the risks of using ladders, this cost is normally passed on directly to the customer in the form of higher bills.

Using Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning mitigates this risk as there are no ladders involved and can be used safely in some weather conditions unsuitable for ladder use.

9. Will People Look through my Window while using Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning?

No. Not unless you’re on the ground floor! With Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning all the work is done on the ground with the pole reaching up to the higher windows. No ladders are needed.

10. Do You Need Scaffolding for Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning?

New regulations mean that building with three and four storeys, owners would need to erect scaffolding, rather than use ladders to get their windows cleaned. This can be very costly. Using a water fed pole system eradicates the cost of scaffolding which makes it cheaper and less unsightly.

You can download our Reach and Wash leaflet here!

For more information on our reach and wash window cleaning services in Merseyside call us now on 03300 249 121, alternatively use the form on our contact page.

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