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Security Services Across the UK

Oculus Facilities Management provides a wide range of security services to help keep your business, assets and people safe and secure. We are an ACS and ISO accredited business and continually lead the way in best practices.

Our security services can be customised to fit any business’s needs, and can provide a comprehensive solution that helps businesses stay secure.

Our main objective is to provide you with overall peace of mind, through knowing every aspect of your security requirements are taken care of – by one experienced provider.

SIA Security Officers

Oculus is an ACS accredited business, therefore independently audited to ensure we deliver quality standards throughout our services. Our guards are trained and licensed by the Security Industry Authority. They also have significant on the job experience with gatehouse, concierge, front of house, and customer facing roles. Whilst we employ and train the security team they are an extension of your team.

K9 Guarding (Dog Handlers)

We also offer K9 guarding services, with trained dog handlers and highly-skilled dogs. Our K9 units are a highly effective deterrent and can be used to patrol your premises. Our K9 guarding services can be tailored to sites of all sizes and those operating in particularly sensitive industries.

Guards In Residence

Protect your valuable asset with Oculus's 24/7 protection. We keep your vacant property safe from squatting, vandalism and theft. Our guards in residence are British military trained Gurkha’s that ensure your asset has around the clock protection to eliminate potential threats to your building. Our service combines our knowledge, qualifications and experience to guarantee your asset's security.

Alarm Response

If your business or property has an alarm system, our team can respond quickly to any triggered alarms, ensuring that your premises are secure and any potential threats are dealt with. We have in depth coverage available across most parts of the UK, particularly in urban areas.

Mobile Patrols

Our mobile patrols include regular checks of your premises by our security guards to ensure that everything is in order. This can be a cost-effective alternative to having a guard stationed on-site at all times. We can offer a guaranteed quick response time based on your geographical location and site access.

Key Holding

Our key holding service allows you to entrust the keys to your business to us, so that you don't have to worry about them falling into the wrong hands. We hold your keys in a secured control room that complies to British Standards (BS7984).

Biometric Access Control

With our systems, you can set up individualised biometric access codes for each person, so you always know who is coming and going. We are skilled in working with both your existing biometric access control systems, or helping you implement a new or improved system as required.

Drone Services

Our drone surveillance services are perfect for a variety of projects from large scale construction sites to inspecting hard to reach areas such as roofs and media footage for your website. Drone surveillance services are much more cost effective than more traditional surveillance tactics.

Commercial Surveillance Services

Commercial Surveillance Services provide businesses with the tools they need to keep their property and people safe. These services range from alarm response and video surveillance, to access control and visitor management through biometric scanning or security access cards. Companies can tailor their security surveillance systems to their specific needs and budget, allowing them to monitor and control access to their facilities, protect against intruders, and monitor employee activity. With the right services and systems in place, businesses can rest assured that their property and people are safe and secure.

Security That Keeps You Protected

Security services and systems are an essential part of any business or organisation. Security services can help protect your assets, people. Security systems also provide a layer of protection against theft, vandalism, and other malicious activities. Our security services can include security guards, surveillance cameras, key handling, access control systems, alarms and more. These services are important to protect the safety and security of your business and its assets.

Depending on the size of your business, the type of security services you need may vary. For instance, if you have a smaller business, you may just need a key holding and alarm response service. On the other hand, if you have a larger business, you may need more advanced security services such as biometric access control systems and 24/7 surveillance, on site security services and 24 hour physical presence such as security officers and dog and handler teams. Ultimately, it is important to assess the specific risk/needs of your business and determine the security services that are necessary to keep your business safe and secure.

Why Choose Oculus Facilities Management?

At Oculus we set ourselves very high standards ensuring that we provide our clients with the best possible security services

Oculus Security Solutions Limited currently holds SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) status for the provision of Security Guarding and Key Holding.

Frequently Asked Questions

A security company provides a range of services to protect businesses, commercial properties, and your other valuable assets from potential threats. Some of the most common services include security assessments, SIA security guards and K9 guards, surveillance and monitoring, event security, alarm response and mobile security patrols.

Events require specialised security services to ensure the safety of attendees, staff, and assets. Event security services may include access control, crowd management, bag checks, CCTV monitoring and security patrols. Additional security measures can also be planned for events considered to be of a higher risk.

Businesses should use security services to protect their assets, employees, and customers from potential danger and help ensure safety on site. Security services can deter crime, prevent loss, and provide a sense of safety and security for everyone involved. Having security measures in place can help businesses comply with industry regulations and insurance requirements.

There are a wide range of elements that go into planning the right levels of protection for your business. We offer all business a comprehensive needs analysis to make sure that we can break down every aspect of your overall security strategy, along with a transparent cost.

There are several different tasks our SIA security guards can be responsible for, depending on your exact requirements. This can range from tasks like remotely monitoring and responding to security alarms, right through to guards in residence services – when a qualified security operative is based on your business premises 24/7.

We can provide responsive services across the Northwest of England, including Liverpool, Merseyside, Greater Manchester & Cheshire. We can also offer guard in residence and other specialist security services across the UK.

Yes, we offer a fully monitored security services which covers CCTV camera surveillance, along with the associated alarm response and security patrol services required if there is ever an issue at your location.