Communal Doors

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Communal Door Entry Systems

We offer a range of specific services to help you with the installation, upgrades and ongoing the maintenance of your communal doors. Following a site survey we can provide CAD drawings as part of your proposal, we ensure that all designs comply with DDA regulations and most recent legislation.

The entrance to your building Is the first interaction any visitor will have with your business/building, a well-designed communal entrance can really improve brand image and serve to fully secure your asset.

New Communal Door Installations

Communal Door Entry Systems are a cost-effective and easy way to ensure the safety and security of your building and its occupants. Whilst not always a priority, your Communal Door is an integral part of your building security. We have 15+ years experience in providing recommendations and CAD design to assist with your building requirements. For example we can provide steel or aluminium doors, depending on your exact specifications.

Manual to Automatic Upgrades

Automated door entry systems provide increased security and convenience, for example assisting elderly residents with access. They are essential to your buildings integrity and can also improve aesthetics, with frosted glass for improved lighting or integrated mail boxes. Let us take the stress out of your communal door upgrade, providing a seamless turnkey solution to every aspect of delivery. We can even retrospectively automate your existing manual door system.

Communal Door Servicing

Although an automatic door is more cost effective, a regular maintenance plan is essential to ensure doors comply with recent legislation, especially automatic doors safety equipment to prevent injury or malfunction. A regular maintenance plan will also increase the lifespan of your door, making a strong ROI on your installation over time. Our maintenance packages include force testing to ensure locking equipment is operational and can also include servicing your access control systems if required.

Automatic Gate Servicing

Automatic gate servicing helps keep your gates safe and legally compliant, through ensuring you have the right safety edges and other essential equipment. Regular gate servicing is necessary to ensure that they are functioning properly and that any potential problems are addressed quickly. Although it may sound trivial, a faulty gate can lead to significant costs due to theft or lost time with no access. We can provide residential and commercial automatic gate servicing across the UK.

Communal Door Planned Maintenance and Repairs

We offer a 24/7 repair service for all residential and commercial clients, covering all your gates and doors. Malfunctions and breakdowns can happen when your equipment is fully automatic, but when this happens we can have an engineer on site in hours to fix or maintain your door functionality. For shared residential properties, there are legal requirements and considerations a landlord must take into account when ensuring the security of a property. Similarly, a busy commercial environment may need access around the clock. We can deliver planned communal door maintenance and repairs, in order to minimise the impact on your business, such as when production lines are already turned off. This can also prolong the lifespan of your gates and doors, making a larger return on your investment over time.

Communal Door Services Across The UK

Automatic door entry systems are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, providing a secure, convenient and cost-effective way of allowing access to a building automatically. They are Increasingly required within new developments and existing property renovations.

Communal door systems are widely used in a variety of different residential, commercial and industrial settings, allowing people to enter a building much more easily which is particularly useful in settings like HMOs or busy offices. They can also be used for controlling access to certain areas within a building or to control access to certain services. They are an ideal solution for businesses, residential property owners and landlords who need to ensure their premises are secure, while also providing an easy way for people to access the building.

Communal Door Entry Systems are a great way to ensure the safety and security of a building. These systems allow visitors to be identified or self identify using access control before they are allowed entry into the building. We can support you with all aspect of procuring your new automatic gates or doors, from CAD drawings through to installation services. Door entry systems often consist of an intercom that allows visitors to contact the person inside the building, who can then use a control panel to open the door. This system can also be programmed to allow access to certain people, such as family members or employees. Overall communal door systems are becoming increasingly popular, as it provides a secure and reliable way of controlling who enters a building.

By regularly servicing your communal doors, it ensures that the overall system is secure and efficient, and that all of the components are in working order. This also helps to reduce the risk of breakdowns and problems with the system, and can help to extend the life of the system. Additionally, regular servicing and maintenance can help to reduce the costs in the long term, particularly when compared to a more traditional manual door system – for example replacing keys and barrels as tenants or staff members misplace them.

Why Choose Oculus Facilities Management?

At Oculus we set ourselves very high standards ensuring that we provide our clients with the best possible communal door services

Oculus Security Solutions Limited currently holds SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) status for the provision of Security Guarding and Key Holding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, communal entrance doors in multi-occupancy buildings, such as flats and apartments, are typically required to be fire rated to comply with building regulations. The specific requirements for fire-rated doors in the UK are set out in the Building Regulations Part B: Fire Safety. The regulations specify that all doors that provide access to common areas, including communal entrance doors, should be fire resistant and self-closing.

For privately-owned residential or commercial buildings, the owner or landlord is typically responsible for maintaining and repairing the communal door system. This includes ensuring that the door is fire-rated, secure, and functioning properly, and that any necessary repairs or upgrades are carried out promptly.

For public buildings, such as schools, hospitals, and government offices, the responsibility for the communal door system typically lies with the building owner or the organisation responsible for managing the building.

Yes, it is usually possible to upgrade an external door system. However, this is based on the state of the existing communal door and whether a new door entry system is a safer and more cost-effective option. For example, if your communal door doesn’t comply with fire safety regulations then it will need to be replaced.

The UK fire safety regulations are called ‘Fire safety: Approved Document B’ and specify that all doors that provide access to common areas, including communal entrance doors, should be fire resistant and self-closing.

Yes, we can help you with key cutting for your new communal doors or alternatively also help provide you with a more modern digital system which uses keypads and/or key fobs.

Yes. We are highly experienced in working with private landlords, housing associations and lettings agencies to upgrade communal entrance doors. We can also support you with ongoing communal door entry system maintenance.