Why Use Reach and Wash?

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Why Use Reach and Wash?

Working up to the dizzying height of 65ft the Brodex Reach and Wash system used by Oculus offers unparalleled cleaning ability without the need for ladders! This reduces the contractor footprint on your premises and also decreases the risk of accidents associated with ladder usage.

Using reach and wash is a great way to save money too – as the equipment is highly portable it’s quicker to get the job done – this saving is passed directly onto you the customer.

Even if you don’t have high structures to clean, the Oculus fleet of vans allow us to provide the best window cleaning service using traditional methods.

You can download our Reach and Wash leaflet here!

For more information on our reach and wash window cleaning services call us now on 03300 249 121, alternatively use the form on our contact page.

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