Top 10 Ways to Protect Your Business from Crime

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Top 10 Ways to Protect Your Business from Crime

Many burglaries could have been prevented with a little effort and some common sense. These steps will help you deter potential burglaries. Don’t be a victim.

1. Check your surroundings
Knowing where your potential weak spots are is a massive step forwards. Take your time to do a thorough risk assessment. Are there tall shrubs or bushes around your building that could give criminals a place to hide? Or are there any windows that look unsecured?

2. Deter them in the first place
Make a visible security presence. Even basic precautions can help to deter burglars because most burglaries are unplanned by opportunists.

Ensure your windows and doors look strong and secure. Install security lighting and visible CCTV.

Is your safe kept closed? Many safes are left open for convenience and are a burglar’s dream come true.

3. Clear up inside
Bank your cash every day and leave the till open – if a potential burglar can see the till is empty then they won’t waste their time.

If possible, remove expensive stock from view. After all, it has to seem to be worth the risk to a potential burglar.

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