How to Work Smart With the Cost of Your Health & Safety Spending

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How to Work Smart With the Cost of Your Health & Safety Spending

As an employer, you have a legal obligation to look after your employees and anyone visiting the site.

Accidents may be rare, but they’re usually costly (in reputation and monetary value) and more importantly preventable.

There are two ways you can approach the Health & Saftey in your company.

1. Remove the risk entirely;
2. Mitigate the risk with appropriate governance and monitoring.

The first option is unlikely in any environment given the complex nature of business and staff, but there are some unique ways which Oculus can help with the second.

Historically sites have had designated staff to be physically on the premises to monitor the use of PPE (personal protection equipment), where it is easy to spot a worker without a hard hat, or hi-viz, or a harness when working at height.

With budgets being strictly monitored and companies expecting more from their staff, it is essential to maximise the use of any staffing overhead.

The Oculus Health and Safety CCTV System allows a single user to monitor one or several sites at the same time from one control point without actually having to be physically on the site.

The advantages are not only are potential breaches can be spotted quickly (and allow management to correct/retrain staff members before an accident occurs) it also cuts down on staffing levels and travel.

The Oculus Health and Safety CCTV system achieve this goal by using either fixed or portable camera towers where required. The mobile option enables the site to relocate the tower to different locations as and when the building evolves, and the security needs change.

Oculus will typically install a 360-degree colour dome camera on the top of this 16m tower, with a zoom in zoom out facility, thus enabling a clear view of the whole site from this elevated location.

The Oculus Health and Safety CCTV Systems can be easily serviced and maintained by Oculus CCTV engineers giving you peace of mind in the continuity of coverage.

You can view our full CCTV post here.

If you have any questions about why using a CCTV system installed by Oculus can help make your Health and Safety budget go further contact the Oculus service desk now on 03300 249 121 or use the contact form on the website which you can access here.

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