5 Reasons to Use Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

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5 Reasons to Use Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

Driven by demanding better quality for a lower cost, many businesses are moving to reach and wash / water fed poles when outsourcing their window cleaning.

Oculus cleaning solutions specialise in “reach and wash” and look at the 5 reasons you should be using the water fed pole window cleaning method compared to the alternative:

1. Quality
As the water fed pole system only uses filtered water there’s no smearing of window cleaning products on the panes of glass. This gives a much better finish.

Although when starting off using water fed pole window cleaning may take a few cleans to remove the previous residue, the result should be significantly better than with detergent.

2. Environmental
Not using detergent has another advantage. Normally the detergent with conventional window cleaning will be washed off the windows / building either during cleaning or by the elements and this ends up in the ecosystem.

The only substances which get washed off the windows with reach and wash is the water itself (and any of the outside environmental elements already on the windows).

The added advantage of not using cleaning chemicals is there’s no stains or smudges left where these might not have been removed correctly.

3. Quicker
Using a pole means there’s no need to cart around ladders or set up cumbersome scaffolding which takes time. This is especially the case in areas which might be difficult to use ladder etc.
As there is also no detergent to add then remove the turn around time on water fed pole systems is significantly quicker.

4. Safer
As the reach and wash systems don’t need to use ladders they are significantly safer than those alternatives. The material the pole is made from normally differs with height; generally below 30 feet a fiberglass pole is used and above a carbon one.

Many insurance premiums are rising with the risks of using ladders, this cost is normally passed on directly to the customer in the form of higher bills, which leads to the last (and most important point about using a water-fed pole system)…

5. Economic
This literally pulls together all the points above. Being able to get the job done quickly without adding additional costs in the form of detergent, scaffolding and risk means that water fed pole window cleaning can come in considerably cheaper than it’s laddered / scaffolded counterpart.

This is seen as a benefit either in extra windows cleaned for the same cost or simply as more money in your pocket from the same job.

If you’ve got any questions about why using a reach and wash system is beneficial to your business contact the Oculus Cleaning Solutions customer service desk now on 03300 249 121 or use the contact form on the website which you can access here.

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