Asset Management

It certainly isn’t news that we now live in the Criminal Age. But in an economy so dependent on service and machinery, often the most valuable business assets are the heavy equipment or machinery within your business/factory or farm.

It’s these important and proprietary assets that enable a company to distinguish itself from competitors. Intangible assets such as Generators/Vehicles/Plant/ and the like are typically the foundation upon which a company is built.

Without the ability to bolt these assets down to the floor, you’d be wise to develop a strategy to properly protect your intangible assets, thus positioning your company to grow and prosper against your competitors. As a responsible business owner, it is incumbent upon you to do everything in your power to protect those very valuable assets.

How do you protect assets?

First things first: Make sure you sit down with an Oculus Consultant well-versed in issues related to intangible asset protection and Security.

Here are some of the ways you can protect your intangibles:

Insecure building and engineering sites, as well as farms, can advertise rich pickings for thieves who are looking to steal and trade in plant (industrial machinery) or use it to carry out cash machine crimes.

Types of plant include:

  • Farming equipment (such as tractors and combine harvesters)

  • Static machinery (such as generators)

  • Large industrial vehicles (such as forklift trucks, diggers and cranes)

  • Off-road vehicles (such as quad bikes and four-wheel drives)

  • Oculus and their partners work with industrial companies, developers and landowners across the county to reduce incidents of plant theft and to track down and return stolen items.

Top Tips to Secure your site

  • Make sure boundary or perimeter fencing is secure and well maintained.

  • Consider the best location for site offices.

  • Make sure windows are fitted with grilles or shutters, and doors with strong locks.

  • Keep offices, buildings and storage containers locked when not in use.

  • Consider installing CCTV systems, security lighting and alarms to deter intruders and help you to monitor activity on site.(Oculus can assist you with this)

  • Make sure expensive tools and materials such as cable, copper pipe or construction equipment are locked away after use.

  • Control access to the site, for example using barriers or gates.

  • Make sure only nominated key-holders keep sets of keys to your premises.

  • Make sure staff are trained in security measures and remain vigilant at work. (Oculus can assist you with this)

Consider other safety measures, like identity cards or security staff, if necessary. (Oculus can assist you with this.

Protect valuable equipment

  • Register any off-road vehicles with the DVLA at www.dft.gov.uk/dvla

  • Remove ignition keys and secure machinery when not in use.

  • Fit plant with alarms and immobilisers if you can. (Oculus can assist you with this)

  • Consider fitting mechanical deterrents (industry recognised locking systems on steering and brakes) or remove the plant battery or fuse to deter thieves.

  • Consider installing tracking systems to help trace any missing property. (Oculus can assist you with this)

You can download our full security brochure here.

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